Saturday, November 29, 2014

#life & #ootd & #haul: thanksgiving & black friday.

Hello, hello everyone !

I know it's been a while and I have a lot to catch up on, but here's a little update.

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and had the time to reflect on what you are grateful for and the blessings you have received since last Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful time spent with family, friends, and loved ones... and ate a lot of good food too.

My family & I celebrated Thanksgiving dinner the night before on Wednesday. Straight after my flight landed home, we drove to my cousin's house. We feasted on usual fixings--turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie--as well as other food like adobo, cream cheese rangoons, salmon, and salad. My cousins & I played hours of Heads Up! and watched half of Guardians of the Galaxy before we headed home.

On Thanksgiving morning, my mom and I went to get facials/upper body massage at my mom's friend's salon. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep for part (or most) of it LOL. She removed all my blackheads via steam treatment & pulling them out with some special tool. My skin STILL feels smooth almost 48 hours later from the treatment even after washing off the products with face wash, as I do every morning. After taking a family nap, we went to the casino down the street. We wanted to eat at the buffet for the special Thanksgiving menu, but the line was a 2 hour wait. We ate at the restaurant across the street.

This was a pretty delicious steak.
Thanksgiving #ootd
This morning, I woke up at 5am to wait in line at Sam's Club in hopes for an iPhone 6 64gb. The deal was $99 for an iPhone 6 16gb, $199 for an iPhone6 64gb, and $299 for an iPhone 6 128gb. So that's $100 savings compared to other places, especially since other stores did not offer discounts for the iPhone 6 64gb. LUCKILY, when I got there, the line was short AND there were still vouchers available for Verizon & 64gb. I was so desperate to get the 64gb phone that I didn't care what color. Gold was the only available color left. Although silver/white was my first choice, I didn't hesitate to take it. I'm so happy I was able to upgrade because my iPhone 5 was long overdue to retire (the right side of the screen was basically falling out of the phone's casing).

Gold iPhone 6 64gb ! I'm so excited. Featuring my sister in the background because she ruined my selfie ugh. $199 - $100 saved
While waiting to get my phone, I walked around Sam's Club. I saw an ad for riding boots on sale and did not hesitate to get them, due to the sale price and how cute they are.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Riding Boots. $29.98 - $10 saved
I also bought some socks for normal ankle/calf boots and for tall riding boots like the ones I just bought. Not pictured because it isn't anything special, hehe. Look out for them in future #ootds!

My dad went cray cray at Sam's Club. In addition to also getting an iPhone 6 for himself (which he wasn't planning on getting... he just wanted an iPhone 5S), he bought a 55" Samsung Curve UltraHD TV, a Keurig 2.0, and a new GPS. I didn't expect him to buy that much, since he said he was only going to get a new phone and "look" at the TVs.

After my dad & I came home, my cousin who is visiting for the long weekend came over. Then we headed to the mall to get our Black Friday shopping on.

My cousin, sister, and younger cousin on the way to the mall!
You know... I kept saying that I didn't "need" anything else on the way to the mall because I already got my iPhone and some boots so I wasn't expecting to buy too much, except maybe a pair of high-waisted shorts. But boy, was I wrong.

Our first stop was Urban Outfitters. Their deal for Black Friday was 50% the sale price. I couldn't find the sale section at first so I was panicking. Eventually, I found it in the back corner behind this wall, and it was CRAZY. Too many girls in there, man. I tried on a few things, but ultimately came out with just one item.

(WARNING: I apologize for some of the coloring of the pictures. I edited them via VSCOcam & the colors looked different on my phone than how they appear on my screen, so the colors may not be true.)

Olive v-neck with thin black stripes. $4.99 - $5 saved
While I was at Urban Outfitters, I ran into my Grand Ading ! I didn't know she had family in Vegas. What are the odds that we were going to run into each other ?!

My Grand Ading ! Isn't she adorable ?! #imold
Then we went to the Disney Store since it was right next door. My little cousin was begging to go there to buy a Tsum. I am obsessed to no end with this game (& have gotten a couple of other people into the game, including my roommate & little cousin), so I happily helped him choose which one to get. He chose Donald Duck hehehe (I have a Chip Tsum!).

We went to Forever 21 next and spent quite some time there. The sale room was TOO HUGE, I only bothered seriously looking at the first few racks because that's where the shorts were and I was too lazy to look at the rest. Besides, I wasn't looking for any more new tops. Their promo was an additional 50% off the sale price, but was only applicable until 2pm. We didn't know that so we were surprised when we checked out at around 3pm. However, they gave us the discount anyways because we argued about how the signs were not obvious enough + the employees we asked never told us.

High-waisted maroon corduroy shorts. $5.99 - $6 saved
High-waisted denim shorts with floral trim. $7.50 - $7.50 saved
Basic dark pink v-neck. $3.80
Basic dusty pink v-neck. $3.80
I really needed a new card wallet so this was perfect! $4.80
After eating at the food court because we were all grumpy, we stopped by Topshop. I wasn't expecting to find anything I liked despite the sale (buy one get one free sale items) because Topshop is pretty expensive in the US. Back in the UK, I went to a Topshop and everything--sale included--was much cheaper than the clothes sold in the US. To my surprise, I found two pairs of shorts that I really liked & fit me very well.

Mirror pic inside Topshop ft. my cousin, sister, and an untied moccasin lace. #ootd
Another pair of high-waisted shorts. $20
Yet ANOTHER pair of high-waisted shorts. FREE - $15 saved
We stopped by a few more stores but I did not get anything. Our last stop was at American Eagle; they had a 40% storewide sale. We decided that what our family is wearing for Christmas is flannel/plaid shirts and AE usually has a good selection of them. Although their selection was limited this time around, I found one that was cute & definitely wearable for the holiday season.

American Eagle Red & Blue flannel. $24 - $16 saved
As tradition, my family and I always get the new Just Dance game on Black Friday because it's a great game to play when our extended family comes and visits for the holidays. Sometimes it can get pretty competitive (I'm not very good or anything, but I somehow always manage to win... ;D). So we stopped by Target to pick up the new Just Dance 2015. As our luck would have it, we got the last copy there. It came with the game and a Wiimote for only $25--a steal, since the game alone is $40.

Just Dance 2015. $25 - $15+ saved
That's the end of my Black Friday shopping adventure. A bit unexpected, but pretty rewarding since I've been doing pretty well in school and needed some serious retail therapy (although I could've gone without all these things probably). In total, I saved ~$175, which is pretty good in my book ! Regardless, I am excited to wear all these pieces in my future #ootds !

We didn't pretend to walk for this picture. Nope. My little cousin in the background made it look more believable though....

Monday, October 6, 2014

#life: rip.

Rest In Peace, Grandpa Momoy.

These are the last pictures (in my memory or that I possess) of just us two. These were taken the morning I left for San Diego to go to college two years ago.

I wish we could all see that smile once again.

I feel regret and selfish for going to school away from my family. It is times like this when I wish I stayed so that I would spend more time with them...

Despite you not knowing who I was the past two years, I appreciate everything you've done for me and our family.

We will live out your legacy. We love you.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

#life: switching paths.

Hello, hello !

After finishing summer school and having some downtime to think about my education and future. I realized I was not happy with myself and where my education was going, so I decided to try to follow a path that I've been interested in a while and am overall doing better in.

I decided to switch majors, from pre-pharmacy to psychology.

I finally made it official! *Chemistry minor pending because advising doesn't want to talk to me lolol.
Ever since taking AP Psychology in my junior year of high school, I've always had an interest in psychology. I took the class because I heard we got to sleep in class (which was true... but only for one class period out of the whole year, and I didn't even fall asleep -___-), but it was so much fun and a great surprise. I would ace every test and understood almost every concept. Plus, the teacher really bred an environment (called The Cognitive Cave--and our class song was appropriately "The Cave" by Mumford and Sons) for learning and understanding and was truly passionate about the subject.

When I was applying for and when I entered college, I had the full intent of seeing it through as a pre-pharmacy student and towards pharmacy school. I was encouraged by all my family members (most of them nurses or in the medical field) because it was a good career to have in the future (and made good $$$). The way my general education requirements were at my university allowed for me to pick up a minor in lieu of having to take a certain program of concentration. With no hesitation, I chose psychology.

And after I considered other options for a different major, I also did not hesitate to choose psychology.

I didn’t want to admit to myself that I didn’t like chemistry/science anymore because everyone knew I wanted to be a pharmacist. I didn't want to disappoint all my family and friends who already knew I was on this track. I was constantly stressed because concepts in my classes weren’t just “clicking” to me the way I wish they would’ve, and my grades were suffering because of it. I felt pressure to keep going at it despite the stress. But after some introspection, I realized that it would be a waste of time and money to keep pursuing something I was no longer enjoying because of stress and was losing interest in.

I was scared to tell my parents (especially my mom) because they specifically let me go to my university because of the Pharmacological Chemistry major and the opportunities available. I was scared they were going to make me go back to college at home because I haven’t been performing well in my science classes and wanted to do something else. They always put pressure on me before and threatened to send me back home if I wasn't excelling, so telling the truth to them about my grades and why I wanted to switch frightened me. I already had a home at my university and I didn't want to leave. Surprisingly, their response was accepting. Of course they were worried that I was behind and that I’m changing majors halfway through college, but they were okay with it as long as I tried my hardest and got a bachelor’s degree in something.

Due to my psychology minor and the overlap of lower division courses between my Pharmacological Chemistry major and the BS Psychology major, I'm not behind in courses. In fact, I may be able to graduate early!

It was kind of nerve-wracking for me to change majors halfway through my undergraduate education, but I think I'll be happier pursuing something I have an interest in. I'm nervous for what's ahead in this new path that I'm taking, but I'm hopeful that I'll reach the end (grad school for clinical psychology, hopefully !) happier than I would have before.

This process has been emotional for me, but I have to thank my boyfriend, my "Ate," and a friend of mine who went through this exact same process in her third year for helping me with making this decision and going through it.

I know this is different than what I usually blog about, but I want to share my experience just in case someone out there is contemplating on whether or not to switch paths. If you are considering changing majors, I believe you should just pursue what you find more interesting and what will make you happier in the end. It is better to catch up to something more worth it than being on time with something you do not like or stresses you out. There is nothing wrong with you if you change your mind and want to pursue something else. We are not the same people we were two years ago, or even last week; our interests change. It may take some exploration, a few mistakes, and time to figure out what you're interested in, but once you figure it out... go for it.

Has anyone ever switched majors in college/university before ? Share your story or any advice you have for those that may be considering switching !

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#haul: downeast basics surprise !

Hello, hello!

Usually when I'm home from school for a holiday, I like to shop. Not only do I have transportation to farther shopping places, but I usually find better deals than I do around school!

My mom and I went to a store that just opened near our local Marshall's called Downeast Basics. I've heard of this store before--there used to be one in the shopping center near my house next to a casino--but that store only held their own clothes. Apparently, this Downeast Basics also carried out-of-season/style name brand clothes (but are name brand clothes nevertheless!). So I was excited to check out what was in stock.

After finding my way to the back of the store where the clothes are (the store also sells super cute furniture!), I stumbled across racks of Anthropologie, Free People, and PacSun clothing. I didn't find anything worthwhile in the Anthropologie rack, but I found some cute things in the other two racks.

The first thing I found was this Free People bralette. The original price was $119 and was selling for $24.99, but I scored it for $7.50! Although it is "out of style" for Free People, it is definitely in style for me and something I look forward to wearing. I'm imagining a high-waisted hi-low pinkish skirt I own to go with this bralette. Or even just a plain black skater skirt.

Free People Bralette
The second thing I found was this striped crop top. It's not too fancy, but it was definitely a good find. I found it in the PacSun rack. The brand is Kirra. Originally priced at $89, on sale for $11.99, and bought for $5.50, it was such a good deal. I could not resist. A pair of high-waisted shorts or a skater skirt would look good with it.

Kirra Striped Cropped Tank Top
I didn't know that a store that seemed so "adult-y" could have good deals and items for the wannabe hipster/stylish youth such as myself. If you have one of these stores, Downeast Basics or any other adult-y stores, in the area, you should check it out and see what deals you can find! Expect the unexpected! :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

#concert: Third One Direction concert !

Hello hello, my readers!

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything. It has been hectic the past month and half or so because I was concentrating on summer school and, since being off summer school, relaxing as much as I can. I've made a few life-changing decisions within the week and a half-ish that I've been home (which I will blog about soon!), which was pretty stressful.

But now that things are in the down swing for now, I decided to leave a little update.

If you didn't already know, I love One Direction (I can blog about my origin story about this obsession as well some other time!). I've been a loyal fan since December 2011. I've been to all three of their tours: Up All Night, Take Me Home (read about my experience at the concert here!), and the current one Where We Are.

They didn't have a stadium here in Vegas, so we went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to watch the boys #dedication. There was a lot of traffic and I was anxious we weren't going to make it in time because we were leaving the morning of the concert, but we made it with time to spare!

Instead of taking a bunch of pictures (I did take a few, but they were lower quality since our seats weren't close enough for zoomed-in pictures--or any pictures--to be really clear), I took videos. I know my blog is usually a visual one, but I think my vlog encompasses most of the pictures I would've posted.

Besides, I'm on a quest to become YouTube famous (lolol), so I've been vlogging and editing a lot.

The concert was amazing, as usual. This album (Midnight Memories) has some of their best songs to date. Happily is my favorite song off the album (or maybe of all-time, or tied with One Thing), and I was so excited to see it live! Although I don't have a lot of pictures or videos, I thoroughly enjoyed just absorbing their energy and presence and enjoying myself. I hope they realize how much of an impact they made on so many of their fans such as myself. They've brought new energy and life to my life.

I love them so much. They've matured so much, but they're still so energetic and know how to put on a great concert. I haven't been suffering post-concert depression because I'm going to see them this weekend at the iHeartRadio Festival (both the main festival and the Village) in Vegas! We miraculously (last week sometime) got tickets, even though it was sold out when I tried to buy them when they were first released. So, we're going to see them + 5 Seconds of Summer + Ed Sheeran (<3) + Paramore + Lorde + other artists as well.

I look forward to seeing them at their next tour... guaranteed, I'll be there. I haven't missed a concert and I wouldn't miss one for the world! :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

#trending: hair scrunchies !

There are a lot of fashion trends in history that are currently making a comeback (such as bell-bottom pants, overalls + shortalls, crop tops, high-waisted shorts + "mom jeans," etc.), and I wish some of these that are creeping back from the past trends would stay there. One thing I have noticed that's been #trending as of lately: hair scrunchies.

Hair scrunchies are those colorful (typically neon) or patterned giant elastic hair ties that every girl wore in her hair in the 90's/early 2000's, typically in a high ponytail or bun or in pigtails. I remember I would wear these in my hair all of the time when I was a little girl. My family had a drawer in our bathroom specifically just for these scrunchies, headbands (which are also #trending as of lately), and other hair accessories.
A pack of scrunchies I recently bought.
I noticed hair scrunchies were back in style when I went to a Forever 21 store in Valencia over Spring Break. I've been to Forever 21 countless times and have never noticed scrunchies were being sold. Immediately, my reaction was to buy one; whether this was fueled by nostalgia or because it was just plain cute... I'm not sure.

Scrunchies are definitely an accessory to have this summer. I find most of my outfits for the summer are very plain: a typically plain or printed tank top, shorts, and sandals. Plus, it is hotter outside and I put my hair in a ponytail and bun way more often. What better way to add color to your outfit and accessorize a plain ol' ponytail or bun than with a scrunchie? I also put the scrunchie around my wrist throughout the day so it acts as a cute bracelet (and a readily-available hairtie for when it gets hot!).

A simple outfit featuring white tee & light-washed jeans, accessorized with a b&w polka dotted hair tie (with bunny ears? That is why I'm doing the pose I'm doing hehehe).
Printed dress, denim vest, brown heeled booties, and a pink scrunchie as an accessory.
I currently own around five scrunchies (at least, with me in San Diego; any scrunchies I have from when I was younger are at home), and I never leave the house without one.

You can find hair scrunchies at American Apparel for $6-$8, Forever 21 (typically $1.80 for one or $3.80 for a pack of 3), or your local dollar store for some (Daiso Japan has a pretty good selection for $1.50 each!). They come in all kinds of patterns: plain, polka dots, floral, lace, stripes, you name it!

From the recent pack of scrunchies I bought:
Left: pink + shiny. Middle: black lace (you can't really tell oops). Right: black + pink floral print.
Is this a trend you support? Or a trend you'd rather keep in your childhood? Leave a comment below!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

#gettingcrafty: washi tape cards !

If you haven't already noticed, I am kind of in love with washi tape (or paper tape, they're the same thing). I am in love with washi tape for multiple reasons:

1. The tape is so versatile. You can use it to label things, tape things together in a colorful way, create tabs for your notebooks, decorate your room, etc.
2. It is easy to remove. If you do not want it on one place, you can easily take it off no matter what surface it is on and move it to the next place.
3. There are sooooo many patterns--from stripes, to polka dots, to owls (hehehe) and flowers and more! There is a pattern out there for everyone!

Besides using washi tape to decorate and stick things in my SMASH book, I also use washi tape to make simple cards for multiple occasions. I typically get my inspiration for these cards from a simple Pinterest or Google search of "washi tape cards."Despite the mess I make (imagine paper scraps everywhere, rolls of washi tape sprawled out on the floor, markers in an uneven pile, and all other craft supplies in between), I love the process of making and truly personalize the cards that I make for the person I am giving it to. Below are some cards that I have made with washi tape.
Christmas Cards I made for my Secret Santa within my "family" in an organization & my "little" in the organization!
Closer look at one of the cards. The present is made of three different patterns of washi tape & the tag is one pattern. The rest is drawn in with marker!
Random card I made for my "little" to wish him luck for his first round of finals!
May the odds be in all of our favors when it comes to finals.
Valentine's Day card for my boyfriend. It's a simple heart cut-out with different patterns of pink/red washi tape! On the back was a cute, maybe-romantic message for him.
Baby shower card for one of the ladies that work in the lab I work at (I hope you can tell that's a diaper--a lot of struggle went into trying not to make it look like underwear!). I tried to make it as gender-neutral as possible because she does not know the gender of the baby.
The front of the message card has pink polka dots and the back of the message card has blue polka dots. It kind of enforces gender stereotypes, but it was the only cardstock paper I had that exhibited the most "gender neutrality."
I challenge you to get creative & make your own cards (even if it's just a card made of lined notebook paper and a pen). No matter how cliche, it is the thought that counts. Your parent, sibling, relative, friend, or coworker will truly truly value your effort and the sweet message you say within the card.

Comment with your own washi tape creations; I'd love to see them! More inspiration for me for my next crafty project.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

#haul: when you walk into a store planning to buy one thing...

& end up buying a bunch of things because you could not resist.

That phenomenon (unfortunately) happens to me quite a lot! I will enter a store with my mind set on a few items to purchase or just "to browse," but will leave with more things than I originally intended to get and more money spent. It hurts my wallet and my conscience... but it feels much more satisfactory to buy things...

This especially happens to me at Target. There's this danger area right at the front of the store where all the items range from $1 - $3. These items can range from coloring books to tea lights to home organizers. I can never avoid looking in this area... and I almost never leave empty-handed.

I came to Target to get some eye primer. Target is the only store that sells e.l.f. cosmetics (that I know of). I tried this eye primer because I have oily eyelids and needed it to keep my makeup from creasing and in place. Some say it is comparable to Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion--I cannot vouch for this because I have never tried it, and never had to because e.l.f.'s eyelid primer works for me. And for $1.02 (which has increased by $0.02 since the last time I bought it... what blasphemy!), you cannot beat the price for the quality of the product.

I have only ever used the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer in Sheer, but I bought one of the "Pearl" kind to see the difference between the two. I bought three tubes overall because it was cheap, and I do not know when will be the next time I will be going to Target.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyelid Primer in Sheer & Pearl
Buuuuut... I wandered into that danger area and came out of the store and back into my roommate's car with some more things. Initially, I grabbed several more items, but I narrowed it down to the final things you see (which was tougher than it seems). Everything else I bought was $1 each, so I didn't go toooo crazy on the impulsive spending.

... oops.
The first thing that caught my eye was the roll of striped paper tape aka washi tape. If you could not tell from my previous posts, I am in love with washi tape and anything crafty (even though I do not craft often). I do not have any gold washi tape yet (I have a lot of blue & pink), so for $1--rolls of washi tape can be an average of ~$4-5 depending on where you get it--it was a steal.

Then I saw these "notecards," or blank cards. Whenever I give a gift to someone, I like to make a card completely from scratch (a blog post will be up later about this!); however, the process is time-consuming (and a bit messy!), and I always find myself rushing to finish the card because of the other things I have on my agenda. These simple cards (again, for only $1) are cute and can be customized with some ribbons, washi tape, or other materials so each card is different, despite having the same base card. I was torn between the one below and one with pink stripes and a pink envelope with white polka dots, but I ultimately chose the polka dots because it was more gender-neutral.

Next, I saw socks. I typically do not wear socks because I do not really wear shoes that require them. However, after getting my lab job, I need to cover up my body from chemicals and other hazards in the lab so I wear close-toed shoes a lot... and you can't wear sneakers without socks (well, you can, but that's kind of gross. I'm not judging though). Even if I didn't have this job, printed socks are a trend right now. They are cute with casual wear (or to wear around the house--I'm imagining oversized t-shirt, no pants, and patterned socks) and can add color & flavor to any outfit! I debated between the gray socks with the mint polka dots and the pink socks with gray polka dots, but my roommate's friend said the mint polka dots were "chill." Sound reasoning indeed.

After some rummaging, I found these gift tags. I typically do not attach gift tags to my gifts (that's what the card is for... plus, the person receiving it should obviously know it's for him/her?), so I grabbed these for creative and crafting purposes. You never know when you'll need a gift tag!

I grabbed these mini gel pens at the last second just because I liked the colors and I used to be obsessed with gel pens. Back when I was in middle school, my parents bought me a tub of 100+ gel pens, and I would use them for everything. I'm not sure if it was because of nostalgia or the price tag ($1!) that made me grab it, but I did. My roommate convinced me to get it because she said it would be useful for studying (which is true).

Although it is kind of a sin to buy things you do not necessarily need like I do, I am glad that this time around my impulse buy only cost me $9.78. I'd say it's worth it (plus, retail therapy is so cathartic; the feeling alone of buying things makes me feel so much better).

That's all I got this time around, but you can almost guarantee that the next time I am at Target, I will be buying more than what I came for.

Friday, April 25, 2014

#haul: i could drop so much money at this place...

Easter Sunday, my friend and I were trying to go shopping for gifts for our Kiwanis Advisor for banquet. Everything was CLOSED. I don't know if things are different here or I just don't remember clearly, but stores were never closed back home. I remember spending Easter morning at mass, then going shopping or out to eat with my mom and sister afterwards. So I was pretty surprised (and slightly frustrated) that everything was closed.

The only stores that weren't closed were Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, and Daiso Japan.

We walked around Barnes & Noble for a bit, spending most of the time looking at children's books. We were reminiscing about books we read as a child, how many of the picture books on the shelves we didn't recognize, and how much things have changed. It doesn't seem like the last time we picked up picture books and small chapter books for enjoyment was 10+ years ago.

After driving around endlessly and finally finding the gift at Wal-Mart (that would later be returned for a better one found when stores were open), we stumbled upon Daiso Japan. The Daiso here was closed for a while, but they reopened in another location, and I was so happy to hear that.

I was first introduced to Daiso Japan over the summer. I was visiting my best friend in OC, and she brought me there to kill time. Everything is $1.50 unless otherwise priced. They have everything from home supplies to school supplies to beauty accessories and makeup ! Plus everything is 349028430x cuter than your average Dollar Tree. You can see why I could drop so much money at this place...

Floral Hair Scrunchy, Mint Polka Dot & Pink Flower Washi Tape, and a Fish Pouch - all for $1.50 each !
I only managed to get these three items before my friend pulled me out of the store, even though I only got to look through half of it. I'm kind of thankful he did; I don't know how much more money I would have spent (although it would've been sooooo worth it).

The first item I got is a floral hair scrunchy. They had two or three different designs, but this one matches most of my outfits more than the others. Because of work & the weather is getting a bit warmer, I've been putting my hair up more than ever (plus it hides my second-day hair !). The scrunchy will make my ponytails and buns look cuter than with a normal black hair tie.

Next item I got is a roll of washi tape. I love washi tape. I never turn down the opportunity to buy more. I liked this pattern the best out of the ones that were available.

It looks like a fish when you pull the drawstrings !
The last item I got is this fish pouch. It was one of the first items I saw when I walked into the store... and I couldn't resist buying it. It's just SO CUTE. Currently, I am using it to hold my computer charger, mouse, and earphones for when I'm on the go, but it's a teeny bit too small. I have to find a different use for it, but it's a spontaneous purchase I definitely do not regret.

I want to use (some of) my first paycheck on a shopping spree at this place, and buy some more fun Asian things to cute-ify my life. I just love this store so much.

We'll meet again soon, Daiso Japan.