Thursday, March 27, 2014

#life: *gasp* could it be ?

Could it be that I'm actually posting on my blogspot ?

Why, indeed it is.

Hello, blogspot universe. It's been almost seven months since I've last posted. Let's just say, reality has gotten a tight hold on me and wouldn't let me return to leisurely blog and update about my life/SMASHbook/everything else.

I wish I could've been better at posting some content on here, but you can only do so much when life throws everything else at you.

Anyways, a lot has happened in seven months. A lot changes. I've grown into an entirely different person than who I was seven months ago. Time really goes by fast. Here's a summary:

  • I'm no longer eighteen, as it says on the sidebar. I'm definitely nineteen now. I'll fix that eventually.
  • I've been reunited with friends here in college since I've last posted (summer is a dummy and living a state away is even moreso).
  • My boyfriend and I have also been reunited, since we go to the same college and summer/distance kept us apart. I'm pretty happy with him and where we are.
  • I've gotten two littles and an ading. I don't know how well I've been doing keeping relations with all three, and I apologize for that.
  • I've gotten a lot of new clothes + spiffy things since I've updated... but have made no progress on my SMASHbook with A LOT more things to still put in. Oops...
  • Winter Break was pretty cool. Spring Break was awesome (#reallycoolparty).
  • I finished my term as Public Relations Chair for my college's Circle K. Ended the year with 3rd Place Outstanding Newsletter Award and a Distinguished Appointed Board Award. The past year's hard work was worth it.
  • There has definitely been some ups and downs. However, at the point in time that this is written, I'm looking forward to all the ups that are to come and are ready to overcome the downs.
I can't really promise any consistent updates, seeing how well I've been doing the past seven months... but whenever I do get the chance, I promise it will be something worth reading.