Thursday, September 25, 2014

#life: switching paths.

Hello, hello !

After finishing summer school and having some downtime to think about my education and future. I realized I was not happy with myself and where my education was going, so I decided to try to follow a path that I've been interested in a while and am overall doing better in.

I decided to switch majors, from pre-pharmacy to psychology.

I finally made it official! *Chemistry minor pending because advising doesn't want to talk to me lolol.
Ever since taking AP Psychology in my junior year of high school, I've always had an interest in psychology. I took the class because I heard we got to sleep in class (which was true... but only for one class period out of the whole year, and I didn't even fall asleep -___-), but it was so much fun and a great surprise. I would ace every test and understood almost every concept. Plus, the teacher really bred an environment (called The Cognitive Cave--and our class song was appropriately "The Cave" by Mumford and Sons) for learning and understanding and was truly passionate about the subject.

When I was applying for and when I entered college, I had the full intent of seeing it through as a pre-pharmacy student and towards pharmacy school. I was encouraged by all my family members (most of them nurses or in the medical field) because it was a good career to have in the future (and made good $$$). The way my general education requirements were at my university allowed for me to pick up a minor in lieu of having to take a certain program of concentration. With no hesitation, I chose psychology.

And after I considered other options for a different major, I also did not hesitate to choose psychology.

I didn’t want to admit to myself that I didn’t like chemistry/science anymore because everyone knew I wanted to be a pharmacist. I didn't want to disappoint all my family and friends who already knew I was on this track. I was constantly stressed because concepts in my classes weren’t just “clicking” to me the way I wish they would’ve, and my grades were suffering because of it. I felt pressure to keep going at it despite the stress. But after some introspection, I realized that it would be a waste of time and money to keep pursuing something I was no longer enjoying because of stress and was losing interest in.

I was scared to tell my parents (especially my mom) because they specifically let me go to my university because of the Pharmacological Chemistry major and the opportunities available. I was scared they were going to make me go back to college at home because I haven’t been performing well in my science classes and wanted to do something else. They always put pressure on me before and threatened to send me back home if I wasn't excelling, so telling the truth to them about my grades and why I wanted to switch frightened me. I already had a home at my university and I didn't want to leave. Surprisingly, their response was accepting. Of course they were worried that I was behind and that I’m changing majors halfway through college, but they were okay with it as long as I tried my hardest and got a bachelor’s degree in something.

Due to my psychology minor and the overlap of lower division courses between my Pharmacological Chemistry major and the BS Psychology major, I'm not behind in courses. In fact, I may be able to graduate early!

It was kind of nerve-wracking for me to change majors halfway through my undergraduate education, but I think I'll be happier pursuing something I have an interest in. I'm nervous for what's ahead in this new path that I'm taking, but I'm hopeful that I'll reach the end (grad school for clinical psychology, hopefully !) happier than I would have before.

This process has been emotional for me, but I have to thank my boyfriend, my "Ate," and a friend of mine who went through this exact same process in her third year for helping me with making this decision and going through it.

I know this is different than what I usually blog about, but I want to share my experience just in case someone out there is contemplating on whether or not to switch paths. If you are considering changing majors, I believe you should just pursue what you find more interesting and what will make you happier in the end. It is better to catch up to something more worth it than being on time with something you do not like or stresses you out. There is nothing wrong with you if you change your mind and want to pursue something else. We are not the same people we were two years ago, or even last week; our interests change. It may take some exploration, a few mistakes, and time to figure out what you're interested in, but once you figure it out... go for it.

Has anyone ever switched majors in college/university before ? Share your story or any advice you have for those that may be considering switching !

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