Saturday, August 3, 2013

#concert: one direction concert !

If you don't know already, I am a massive One Direction fan. I originally didn't have tickets to their concerts happening this weekend, so my sister and I were trying so hard to win from our local radio station. However, we didn't win (Marita got pretty close a couple of times though !). My parents saw us working really hard and they ended up buying us tickets for waaaaay more than they're originally worth. You could say my sister & I were pretty excited; we got to see them two years in a row (hopefully we'll get to see them next year too !) :D

So many more posters since the first picture !
I also took my first selfie with an actual camera for the first time in a really, really long time. Most selfies are taken through the front camera of a phone so this is almost ancient history !

We got there at around 5:30. We waited in line for merch (my beautiful shirt is below) and drank Starbucks until we waited in line to get into the venue.

Once we were inside, we took pictures with this cool phone booth photo op thing. The girl in front of us came from a hispanic country and was watching the concert by herself ! We had to take her picture for her.


Then we went to get our seats, which weren't too bad, even with a side view and being in the balcony. I liked this year's seats much better because we were closer, and we didn't have heads blocking our way.

5 Seconds of Summer was their opening act. They were so great and they're so cute, omg. I knew only the choruses of two or three of their songs, but now I'll be listening non-stop. Marita was fangirling since she's in love with them.

I think Calum is my favorite ;)
I didn't take as many pictures or videos compared to last year, but I did get a handful of pictures and videos (which are uploading to YouTube as we speak !). Also, I don't have the best camera, just some touch screen Nikon Coolpix I don't even like, so the pictures might not be the best !

They just popped out of those squares, which was pretty neat.

My babe Harry Styles looked fabulous as always, even with a ridiculous scarf headband. I can dig it. I can pull that off too ;)

Silly Harry.
And there were so many Nouis/Niam moments ! I wish I could've captured them ! And Louis did a lot of lyric changes, although I couldn't quite understand what they were ! And Liam's Stitch & Kermit impressions and dancing ! And Zayn's high power notes ! And Niall's guitar ! Ahhh everything was so perfect.

I am on such a post concert high and depression... only the boys can make me feel this way ! I like going to concerts because it reminds me that they are real people, not just people I hear about, see on the internet, in music videos, in videos, on posters, in magazines. I love them so much ;___; Can't wait until next year (hopefully) !

A cute picture of Marita & I at the concert. We look so happy~

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