Monday, August 4, 2014

#trending: hair scrunchies !

There are a lot of fashion trends in history that are currently making a comeback (such as bell-bottom pants, overalls + shortalls, crop tops, high-waisted shorts + "mom jeans," etc.), and I wish some of these that are creeping back from the past trends would stay there. One thing I have noticed that's been #trending as of lately: hair scrunchies.

Hair scrunchies are those colorful (typically neon) or patterned giant elastic hair ties that every girl wore in her hair in the 90's/early 2000's, typically in a high ponytail or bun or in pigtails. I remember I would wear these in my hair all of the time when I was a little girl. My family had a drawer in our bathroom specifically just for these scrunchies, headbands (which are also #trending as of lately), and other hair accessories.
A pack of scrunchies I recently bought.
I noticed hair scrunchies were back in style when I went to a Forever 21 store in Valencia over Spring Break. I've been to Forever 21 countless times and have never noticed scrunchies were being sold. Immediately, my reaction was to buy one; whether this was fueled by nostalgia or because it was just plain cute... I'm not sure.

Scrunchies are definitely an accessory to have this summer. I find most of my outfits for the summer are very plain: a typically plain or printed tank top, shorts, and sandals. Plus, it is hotter outside and I put my hair in a ponytail and bun way more often. What better way to add color to your outfit and accessorize a plain ol' ponytail or bun than with a scrunchie? I also put the scrunchie around my wrist throughout the day so it acts as a cute bracelet (and a readily-available hairtie for when it gets hot!).

A simple outfit featuring white tee & light-washed jeans, accessorized with a b&w polka dotted hair tie (with bunny ears? That is why I'm doing the pose I'm doing hehehe).
Printed dress, denim vest, brown heeled booties, and a pink scrunchie as an accessory.
I currently own around five scrunchies (at least, with me in San Diego; any scrunchies I have from when I was younger are at home), and I never leave the house without one.

You can find hair scrunchies at American Apparel for $6-$8, Forever 21 (typically $1.80 for one or $3.80 for a pack of 3), or your local dollar store for some (Daiso Japan has a pretty good selection for $1.50 each!). They come in all kinds of patterns: plain, polka dots, floral, lace, stripes, you name it!

From the recent pack of scrunchies I bought:
Left: pink + shiny. Middle: black lace (you can't really tell oops). Right: black + pink floral print.
Is this a trend you support? Or a trend you'd rather keep in your childhood? Leave a comment below!

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