about me !

why hello there !

I'm Izi. 20 years old. Born in New Jersey, raised in Las Vegas, currently residing in San Diego. I am in my fourth year in university majoring in Psychology (with a minor in Chemistry), but I have an interest in v/blogging and all things Internet.

ISFX. Night owl. I love to stay up late, sleep in, fall in love, think out loud, and explore life and everything in between.

i fancy... owls, floral print, pink, washi tape, interior design, v/blogging, the Internet, One Direction (Harry Styles is da bbycakes), Filipino food, boba, singing, playing the guitar + ukulele, psychology, writing things by hand, sleeping, shopping, traveling, night time, getting crafty, dressing decently, spontaneous (food) adventures, falling asleep to YouTube videos, cuddling, hugs, kisses, #teamapple, Snapchat (iziiiii, if you were wondering), my family + friends, photoshop, lip-syncing to songs, priceless conversations, seeking the good in people, helping people in need.

tags... click below for different subjects that I post about !
#beauty - You know what you think of when you see beauty gurus on YouTube? Yeah, stuff related to that.
#concert - Pictures I take at various concerts I attend.
#gettingcrafty - DIY projects + arts & crafts I have done.
#hair - Sometimes I'm creative with my hair.
#haul - I do a lot of shopping, so sometimes I like to show off what I get + any good deals I get ! ;)
#life - My life. A general category.
#ootd - Outfits I wear that are on the better side of my fashion capabilities and I feel are worth sharing.
#update - Specific blog updates/announcements or playing some catch-up.

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