Friday, April 25, 2014

#haul: i could drop so much money at this place...

Easter Sunday, my friend and I were trying to go shopping for gifts for our Kiwanis Advisor for banquet. Everything was CLOSED. I don't know if things are different here or I just don't remember clearly, but stores were never closed back home. I remember spending Easter morning at mass, then going shopping or out to eat with my mom and sister afterwards. So I was pretty surprised (and slightly frustrated) that everything was closed.

The only stores that weren't closed were Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, and Daiso Japan.

We walked around Barnes & Noble for a bit, spending most of the time looking at children's books. We were reminiscing about books we read as a child, how many of the picture books on the shelves we didn't recognize, and how much things have changed. It doesn't seem like the last time we picked up picture books and small chapter books for enjoyment was 10+ years ago.

After driving around endlessly and finally finding the gift at Wal-Mart (that would later be returned for a better one found when stores were open), we stumbled upon Daiso Japan. The Daiso here was closed for a while, but they reopened in another location, and I was so happy to hear that.

I was first introduced to Daiso Japan over the summer. I was visiting my best friend in OC, and she brought me there to kill time. Everything is $1.50 unless otherwise priced. They have everything from home supplies to school supplies to beauty accessories and makeup ! Plus everything is 349028430x cuter than your average Dollar Tree. You can see why I could drop so much money at this place...

Floral Hair Scrunchy, Mint Polka Dot & Pink Flower Washi Tape, and a Fish Pouch - all for $1.50 each !
I only managed to get these three items before my friend pulled me out of the store, even though I only got to look through half of it. I'm kind of thankful he did; I don't know how much more money I would have spent (although it would've been sooooo worth it).

The first item I got is a floral hair scrunchy. They had two or three different designs, but this one matches most of my outfits more than the others. Because of work & the weather is getting a bit warmer, I've been putting my hair up more than ever (plus it hides my second-day hair !). The scrunchy will make my ponytails and buns look cuter than with a normal black hair tie.

Next item I got is a roll of washi tape. I love washi tape. I never turn down the opportunity to buy more. I liked this pattern the best out of the ones that were available.

It looks like a fish when you pull the drawstrings !
The last item I got is this fish pouch. It was one of the first items I saw when I walked into the store... and I couldn't resist buying it. It's just SO CUTE. Currently, I am using it to hold my computer charger, mouse, and earphones for when I'm on the go, but it's a teeny bit too small. I have to find a different use for it, but it's a spontaneous purchase I definitely do not regret.

I want to use (some of) my first paycheck on a shopping spree at this place, and buy some more fun Asian things to cute-ify my life. I just love this store so much.

We'll meet again soon, Daiso Japan.

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