Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#gettingcrafty: smashed potatoes !

(I may or may not be starting to run out of ways to use the word "smash" cleverly...)

It's been almost two weeks since I last touched my SMASH Book, but since I go back to SD for school in less than two weeks, I want to finish smashing in the rest of my stuff so I don't have to bring any of it back with me.

I finally did the front and back covers. I'm less than satisfied with how the front looks, but it'll do for now. I'll hopefully add more stuff and make it look more colorful (even though I love the color pink) and less bland.

Front. "There comes a day when you realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because your realise there's so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on." - Zayn Malik
 On to the pages ! This time... DCON Edition ! When I was in Key Club, District Convention (DCON) was always one of the events I looked forward to because you got to interact with Key Clubbers from all over the District. It was rare in high school to even meet Key Clubbers from other divisions (it makes it even tougher that I lived in Nevada and not California where most of the Key Clubbers are). In Circle K, there are many more opportunities to meet other Circle K'ers because there are more District events, so I looked forward to Circle K DCON because of meeting other Circle K'ers AND it's just a familiar event due to KC DCON. DCON is a lot of fun and I had a blast ^__^ Looking at this page brought back some good memories~

I added this pocket to hold the DCON Program.
I used the black and white paper ad for DCON that we got back at FTC as a background for the page.
All my cool swag I got from DCON. Thanks UNR, UCB, CSUF, OCC, Sac State, UNLV, and Capitol Division for stuff! :)
Under the HIMYM Tie (courtesy of UNR) is my room key ! I roomed with Charlotte, Lynn, and Jen Keli :D
I really like this spread because it's a perfect collage. It feels like it didn't take me too long to put this together since everything seemed to fall into place, but it probably did take me as long because of distractions... and I'm a perfectionist :P

Anyways, look forward to more of my SMASH Book pages in the near future ! Need to get this done before I go back to SD !

Sunday, September 8, 2013

#hair: peek-a-blue/green !

I'm almost a week late posting this, but better late than never, right ?

On Labor Day, I got my hair trimmed AND decided to do something spontaneous. I got a peek-a-boo/under layer dye... in the color blue-green (which is now more green than blue and will end up being green because curse having dark hair ! But it's okay !).

The "after" picture is directly after I got it dyed. I've washed my hair twice since I've gotten it dyed so it's starting to become more green than a blue/green/teal color. The process wasn kind of slow, but she was working on my mom's hair while I was waiting for my hair to do be done. She pinned all my hair except for the bottom layer to the top of my head, then had to bleach my hair first before she could dye it.

Bleach/hair lightener. My hair was this blonde/light brown shade that was really, really nice, even though it was unhealthy because it wasn't dye and just the hair lightener/bleach.
Blue dye ! Kind of wish it turned out this blue, but I do like the color I have. It's more subtle :P
The reason it's called peek-a-boo dye is because I can hide it under my top layers of hair when it's down over my shoulders, have it peek out when it's down over my shoulders (either slightly or completely like the "after" picture I posted above, or if my hair is up, it shows on the underside of my hair.

This was after the first time I washed my hair. The yellow light makes the color a bit distorted, but see how it shows through even though most of my hair is black ? :D
This was before I washed it for the first time, but look at the way the color shows when my hair is up !
In hindsight, I wish I could do this with a hot pink color because pink is my favorite color, but I do wear more neutral stuff and this green/blue color looks more natural with my clothes/my hair, so this was a good choice. If I do decide to dye my hair like this once it does grow out, I'm going to get a red or hot pink color. But I'm 18, still young enough to do "reckless" things, so I thought, "Why not ?" I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair from my friends who have seen it, so I know I took a good risk.

I've only had my hair up or just straight down over my shoulders, so I haven't fully embraced the potential this color has; can't wait to experiment more with my hair and see how the color turns out !

Monday, September 2, 2013

#haul: labor day shopping adventure !

I wanted to try to do a haul video--you know, like the ones that famous makeup/girl YouTubers make--but I think I'd be really awkward modeling in front of a camera (& I don't know how to model !) and talking about what I got and why I got it. I'd rather just type it to save myself the embarrassment. Maybe one day I'll get over feeling awkward and just go for it x:

Anyways, this past weekend was Labor Day weekend, which is a giant shopping weekend because of Labor Day and End of Summer sales. As a natural shopping addict, I had to leave my girl cave to seek out the great deals... and it was totally worth it !

My shopping adventure started at an outlet center north of the Strip on Saturday (where my ex saw me pass by the entrance and asked if I wanted to meet up and say hi... but he left before I was finished buying my bag. Eeeek !). My best best guy friend works at Kate Spade New York in the stock room and gets an employee discount, and he told me that this weekend would be the best time to get it because along with the original discount the outlet holds from the original price, there is an extra discount because of Labor Day, and then on top of that, he has his employee discount ! So my mom bought two bags and I bought two bags. I absolutely love the black soft leather bag I got. Like I'm absolutely in love with it. The other one was already on clearance and still super cute, something different from my other cross-body bags.

Then after church yesterday, we went to Town Square. I originally needed to go to buy makeup at M.A.C. and get my free pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret, but whenever I go shopping, I tend to buy more than what I need...

We stopped at Victoria's Secret first since it was the first store we came across that we needed to go to. Like I said, I was just supposed to get my free panty, but they were having a 7/$26 sale on PINK panties and I had a $10 off a bra coupon.... I love shopping, but shopping for underwear essentially makes me the happiest.

Five seamless panties, three cheeksters, and a bra.
After my sister got some Lollicup, we went to M.A.C. It was my first time ever buying face makeup, so the dude that was working there helped us out. I got a liquid foundation because I liked the coverage better than the foundation x powder combination. He also recommended the liquid one to me because he said that my skin was already so flawless and nice so I shouldn't need to cake on it (': He also put this really nice blush on me that complimented my skin tone, and my mom said I should get it. So I did. I also bought the finishing translucent powder because I sweat easily and if I don't set the foundation, then it'll look like I'm melting when I sweat.

Foundation, blush, finishing translucent powder.
We were on our way to Capriotti's afterwards to have lunch, but we stopped by Francesca's Collections, one of my mom's, sister, and my favorite stores, to take a look... and of course, came out with a few purchases. The first top is a nude-ish pink semi-sheer not-really-but-idk-what-to-call-it top with 3/4ths sleeves and it's kind of long and loose. I'm hoping I can use it for professional dress or more dressy-casual purposes. The second is just a short-sleeved semi-sheer same-material-as-the-last-one top with one of my favorite prints, chevron print, on it.

Look, I'm trying to model ! :P

We went to eat then stopped at H&M, NY&C, Bath and Body Works, and American Eagle, but I had no purchases. Passing by Abercrombie & Fitch, a store we never shopped at, we decided to go in. Surprisingly, I bought a few things. First was a cotton button-up with 3/4ths long sleeves. I couldn't choose between blue or gray, but ultimately decided to go with blue because I have a lot of gray in my closet. I got this blue striped knitted sweater because it was super cute and I thought it fit me pretty well. Lastly, I got a flowy floral printed dress... which I originally wasn't going to get, but it looked so cute on me... I couldn't resist.

The lighting is slightly off for this one... I don't know why x:

That was the last store we stopped at, since my dad was coming home from work. By that point, we walked the whole perimeter of Town Square, so it was a successful shopping and "exercise" day for the three of us. This will probably be the last shopping adventure I have for a while since Labor Day is the last shopping holiday/weekend before I go back to SD, where I rarely go shopping because I don't want to spend more money than I have to since college is very expensive x: I'm still super happy with my purchases and can't wait until I go shopping again ! :D