Monday, September 15, 2014

#concert: Third One Direction concert !

Hello hello, my readers!

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything. It has been hectic the past month and half or so because I was concentrating on summer school and, since being off summer school, relaxing as much as I can. I've made a few life-changing decisions within the week and a half-ish that I've been home (which I will blog about soon!), which was pretty stressful.

But now that things are in the down swing for now, I decided to leave a little update.

If you didn't already know, I love One Direction (I can blog about my origin story about this obsession as well some other time!). I've been a loyal fan since December 2011. I've been to all three of their tours: Up All Night, Take Me Home (read about my experience at the concert here!), and the current one Where We Are.

They didn't have a stadium here in Vegas, so we went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to watch the boys #dedication. There was a lot of traffic and I was anxious we weren't going to make it in time because we were leaving the morning of the concert, but we made it with time to spare!

Instead of taking a bunch of pictures (I did take a few, but they were lower quality since our seats weren't close enough for zoomed-in pictures--or any pictures--to be really clear), I took videos. I know my blog is usually a visual one, but I think my vlog encompasses most of the pictures I would've posted.

Besides, I'm on a quest to become YouTube famous (lolol), so I've been vlogging and editing a lot.

The concert was amazing, as usual. This album (Midnight Memories) has some of their best songs to date. Happily is my favorite song off the album (or maybe of all-time, or tied with One Thing), and I was so excited to see it live! Although I don't have a lot of pictures or videos, I thoroughly enjoyed just absorbing their energy and presence and enjoying myself. I hope they realize how much of an impact they made on so many of their fans such as myself. They've brought new energy and life to my life.

I love them so much. They've matured so much, but they're still so energetic and know how to put on a great concert. I haven't been suffering post-concert depression because I'm going to see them this weekend at the iHeartRadio Festival (both the main festival and the Village) in Vegas! We miraculously (last week sometime) got tickets, even though it was sold out when I tried to buy them when they were first released. So, we're going to see them + 5 Seconds of Summer + Ed Sheeran (<3) + Paramore + Lorde + other artists as well.

I look forward to seeing them at their next tour... guaranteed, I'll be there. I haven't missed a concert and I wouldn't miss one for the world! :)

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