Saturday, August 3, 2013

#hair: i tried this thing with my hair...

I saw this thing on Pinterest about how to curl your hair without heat, so I decided to try it. It was simple enough: just twist two sections of your hair, clip them to the top of your head, sleep with the clips in your hair, then take them out in the morning.

Because my hair was almost completely dry when I clipped them up, there wasn't enough reinforcement for them to curl throughout the night; therefore, my curls ended up more like waves. I now know for next time to do this when my hair is wet or, at the very least, damp.

I sprayed it with this texturing sea salt spray I bought off Amazon because I needed another product to get free super shipping savings or whatever (I can never remember what it's called... LOL).

Otherwise, it was something different than just having my hair straight and un-texturized. (:

Anyways, I did this so I would look good for the One Direction concert, which I will blog about (with some pictures since I didn't take too many) later !

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