Monday, March 9, 2015

#life: staying motivated.

Hello, hello !

As I mentioned from an earlier post before the new school year, I decided to switch majors from chemistry to psychology... and I have been doing much better and am very happy with the switch. Last quarter, I got straight A's (though not a 4.0, sadly) and am confident that this is the path I'm supposed to be on. I feel more passionate and interested in the things I learn in class, despite those mornings where I decide to sleep in and not go to class times I start to doze off in class.

But this quarter I've been starting to slack off. I've been unmotivated. Having only three classes (when my usual load is four classes) and four-day weekends every weekend (no class Mondays or Fridays, just work) has made me lose the momentum I had last quarter because of all the downtime. Although my schoolwork this quarter hasn't suffered too much from this, I do not feel the urgent necessity to start studying for finals or doing final papers because I've gotten into the habit of having so much time to do nothing.

I realized that I need to be active daily in order to feel motivation to do something. I think I am this way because I constantly need to be thinking about something. Even if I have less classes and obligations than previous quarters, I need to have to be somewhere every day in order to structure my time wisely. Having to get up and knowing I absolutely have to go to campus every day will make me spend my downtime in the library or sitting somewhere and reading or studying. Downtime sounds nice, but too much is detrimental to my school performance.

I hope I'm not the only person who is this same way :P How do you stay motivated for school, work, or any projects you work on?

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