Thursday, April 10, 2014

#ootd: i was in a rush this morning...

Hello again ! I'm here with another #ootd post.

I was rushing this morning. I had an hour and a half gap between my first class and my next class, and I didn't get the chance to shower before my first class, but I wanted to make a meeting I had half an hour after my first class ended (I hope that wasn't too confusing).

TL;DR or DU;DR (didn't understand; didn't read) - I had thirty minutes to shower, get food, and get to the meeting.

Was I successful ? Kinda... I was 15 minutes late to the meeting. But it wasn't too formal of a meeting so it wasn't a big deal.

Actually, I was kind of late to a lot of things today. After the meeting I had class, but I was 5 minutes late to class. Later, I went to my boyfriend's place to take a nap and eat some soup he cooked... and I was 5 minutes late to my next class.

I digress.

Because I wanted to look put-together despite being short on time, I came up with a simple outfit in the time it took to walk from class back to my apartment.

Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren - Hand-me-down from my mom !
Tank Top: ??? - My cousin gave it to me since she didn't want it anymore.
Shorts: Papaya
Belt: Forever 21
Socks: Marshall's
Boots: Steve Madden
Two of my favorite pieces, the blue button-up shirt and the boots, are featured in this outfit. The blue shirt adds flavor to an otherwise very casual outfit, and the boots add grunge/heaviness to the airy feel of the graphic tank and shirt (plus, I had a class that ends pretty late and my feet get chilly easily so +1 for functionality).

These items (blue button-up/chambray shirt, graphic tank, black shorts, combat boots, and accessories) are very essential closet items so anyone can put this outfit together. It looks super cute and casual, but minimal effort and time is required to style it.

Remember to hype my outfit on :) Keep checking for more posts and more #ootds soon~

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