Sunday, September 8, 2013

#hair: peek-a-blue/green !

I'm almost a week late posting this, but better late than never, right ?

On Labor Day, I got my hair trimmed AND decided to do something spontaneous. I got a peek-a-boo/under layer dye... in the color blue-green (which is now more green than blue and will end up being green because curse having dark hair ! But it's okay !).

The "after" picture is directly after I got it dyed. I've washed my hair twice since I've gotten it dyed so it's starting to become more green than a blue/green/teal color. The process wasn kind of slow, but she was working on my mom's hair while I was waiting for my hair to do be done. She pinned all my hair except for the bottom layer to the top of my head, then had to bleach my hair first before she could dye it.

Bleach/hair lightener. My hair was this blonde/light brown shade that was really, really nice, even though it was unhealthy because it wasn't dye and just the hair lightener/bleach.
Blue dye ! Kind of wish it turned out this blue, but I do like the color I have. It's more subtle :P
The reason it's called peek-a-boo dye is because I can hide it under my top layers of hair when it's down over my shoulders, have it peek out when it's down over my shoulders (either slightly or completely like the "after" picture I posted above, or if my hair is up, it shows on the underside of my hair.

This was after the first time I washed my hair. The yellow light makes the color a bit distorted, but see how it shows through even though most of my hair is black ? :D
This was before I washed it for the first time, but look at the way the color shows when my hair is up !
In hindsight, I wish I could do this with a hot pink color because pink is my favorite color, but I do wear more neutral stuff and this green/blue color looks more natural with my clothes/my hair, so this was a good choice. If I do decide to dye my hair like this once it does grow out, I'm going to get a red or hot pink color. But I'm 18, still young enough to do "reckless" things, so I thought, "Why not ?" I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair from my friends who have seen it, so I know I took a good risk.

I've only had my hair up or just straight down over my shoulders, so I haven't fully embraced the potential this color has; can't wait to experiment more with my hair and see how the color turns out !

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